Jearld Frederick Moldenhauer – Photographer, Bookseller, Naturalist

Demonstration Against the Vietnam War: Nov. 6, 1971

Introduction for Demonstration Against the Vietnam War: Nov. 6, 1971

According to McLeod’s chronology, there were two  demonstrations against the Vietnam War  in which gays and lesbians had a separate contingent. The first was held on November 6th in Toronto and the second … in Ottawa, on April 15, 1972 to protest a visit by Richard Nixon As far as I can tell I have not as yet found all the negatives from  these events. (If anyone can help clarify names, dates, or places please let me know.)

Many of the photos show the same activists one sees again and again at most of these early demos: Hugh Brewster, Stephen Sheriffs, Ken Elliot, Linda Jain, Pat Murphy, Brian Waite, Peter Lakin, Art Whitaker, John Wilson, etc. In Photo #5, I see John Forbes or “Twilight Rose” as he was known to Body Politic readers. I also see a number of faces whose names slip my mind, help is needed.

For those who may tire of seeing the same faces again and again in so many of these early demos, try to think of it another way: without the testimony freely offered by their direct participation, could a larger public movement have ever been possible?

I prefer to allow my mind to remember those whose faces who were regularly missing from the important and necessary public demonstrations.