Jearld Frederick Moldenhauer – Photographer, Bookseller, Naturalist

Last Toronto Demonstration Against Customs Censorship, 1989

Introduction for Last Toronto Demonstration Against Customs Censorship, 1989

There were at least three demonstrations against Customs Censorship in Toronto. One was held on the sidewalk just outside Glad Day’s premises. Believe it or not, the owner of a small clothing boutique on the ground level called in the police to break up the demonstration, saying it was ruining his business! No thought was given to what censorship was doing to the other small businessman upstairs. No sympathy when it had been explained to him the event might last all of an hour. Apparently I took no photos of this demo since I was dealing with him and with the police! These colour photos must have been taken very close to the date when John Scythes took over the store’s proprietorship. For me these pictures are especially wonderful, if only because I see many faces of personal friends, as well as friends of Glad Day.