Jearld Frederick Moldenhauer – Photographer, Bookseller, Naturalist

Nature in North American Places

Introduction for Nature in North American Places

Alas, I wish I had pushed myself to explore more of the natural places of my birth land. Not for photographic reasons since most have been combed over by far greater photographic talents than mine. No, just for the inspiration such beauty imparts to the visitor. As a kid I enjoyed few things more than ambling about in the woodlands and fields on the borders of old Niagara Falls. I remember myself at about 10-years-old plopped down in a field of wild strawberries with the grasses blowing about over my head. It was a secret place and somehow (because of their powerful flavour) I just sat there gathering up hundreds of rather small wild strawberries.

I take the liberty of recalling this memory, for no doubt it had a powerful bonding effect on me. A moment when a boy was free to explore and make his own connections with the world around him. A lost time.