Jearld Frederick Moldenhauer – Photographer, Bookseller, Naturalist

Rodin Museum, Paris

Introduction for Rodin Museum, Paris

Rodin Museum, Paris. The pictures chosen for these galleries include works of art that rarely find themselves reproduced in the basic guide books, catalogs, posters, and postcards available for sale in the shops operating within these institutions. Some museums persist in preventing visitors from taking pictures either out of fear of some damage from the flash unit of a camera, or perhaps out of fear that you intend on using the image to make money.

My interest here is to create an album of works that find themselves neglected because of their homoerotic content. It’s quite obvious to me that the mentality of many curators and display staff is to minimize the possibilities of highlighting such works. No doubt many homoerotic works that weren’t outright destroyed by reactionary social forces languish within basement storage rooms. In many museums I have found myself on the floor trying to peer up at the underside of a piece of Greek pottery where a homoerotic scene is depicted. Even if an object is displayed such that one can see everything, there is often a problem with the information offered to the viewer. Now with digital photography one can photograph the object and then proceed to snap a shot of the description, thereby making it possible to include the data along with the photo.