Jearld Frederick Moldenhauer – Photographer, Bookseller, Naturalist

Toronto 1968 – 1973: Places

Introduction for Toronto 1968 – 1973: Places

My first visits to Toronto would have taken place in the 1950s with my family. It was a tradition to spend a day at the Canadian National Exhibition; this was something we all looked forward to. I especially remember the beautiful floral displays and all the tasty free samples given away in the Food Building.

Later, when I was about 14 or 15, I traveled by bus up to Toronto with Granny McGinnis, my father’s mother. She managed to drag me along to the O’Keefe Centre for a few Broadway musicals. Once at Cornell I would make the occasional trip to Toronto and stay at the YMCA or a cheap hotel near the bus station. This let me take several photos for my photography class during these trips. Looking at these pictures really drives home how far away and how long ago these times are.